If you’ve had a single drink, you’ve had too much to drink and drive in today’s climate.  Gone are the days when having a few drinks before driving yourself home was seen as harmless.  However, if that fact escaped you at the wrong moment, and you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, there are some approaches you can take to improve your odds.

There’s a wide range of impacts that a DUI conviction can have on a person’s record. There are areas of the country where one conviction is too much, and the loss of a license can mean the loss of a job, family or other vital needs.

There are other areas where there is a strikes rule that can allow a person convicted of DUI to retain their ability to work and life.

Here’s Boise criminal lawyer & DUI expert Patrick Barone giving out some tips and tricks on what you should do when pulled over for drunk driving:

There’s not much you can do about where you get arrested on DUI, since that would require forethought that you didn’t apply to your drinking and driving situation. Seriously, have you not heard of Uber?

Based on the laws of the community where you receive the DUI, you will be brought to court. The person you choose as your attorney will make a huge difference in your case’s outcome.

The ability of the lawyer to coordinate with the judge off the bench, and to understand the various ways to defend a no-fault DUI can mean the difference between time in jail and time at home on house arrest and a heartfelt apology.

Since a DUI is not brought before a jury of peers, there can be little thought that a lawyer can appeal to the community’s mercy. It’s all about the attorney’s relationship with the judge.

Updated on November 12, 2015.