In all of history, there is a deep desire to rapidly and firmly make a conviction in the most egregious cases. There’s not much benefit to spending the money and time in order to house an arrested criminal when the makings of a great trial are already there. Getting the right attorney can make a huge difference in getting the case heard in a timely fashion.

When a serious criminal trial is ready to begin, there’s a certain amount of stage craft at work. There are different options that an attorney or a judge may choose in order to either maximize or minimize the publicity. In some cases, it’s to the benefit of the defendant when the case drags on.

In some cases, it would benefit the state to get the defendant to trial very quickly. In all cases with which I’m familiar, there’s a serious benefit to the public if their interest in the trial can be harnessed and maintained. That only happens if the trial moves at a steady pace, and it happens more if the trial can move quickly.


Setting up a criminal trial is a strategy session. Attorneys who are excellent will set up the trial environment from the start, allowing their client’s testimony and the correct story about the criminal act to carry its own weight throughout the trial.

For a new attorney, it can be difficult to set this up properly. The skills are not necessarily taught in an easy to grasp fashion, and creating the structure for a long running trial when that’s necessary is something a lawyer must feel his way through. Having a mentor who’s been in the procession for a time will help the newer attorney get the strategy conversation right from the start.