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It’s my privilege to associate with and help you in your time of need, and my hope that we can become friends in our walk through life.

Portfolio of Cases


Vindeago v New Jersey School Board – In this high impact case that supported the rights of students who bring over the counter medications to school, Viktor was able to prove that intent and distribution are not a factor in the right of students to medicate as long as proper processes are followed.

Howard v Mitchel – This case of embezzlement that took to the headlines made Viktor and his law firm famous. Howard’s conviction that there was a book of evidence against Mitchel was finally vindicated when photographic surveillance was obtained by Viktor’s private investigator friends. The trial was long and contentious and there was a lot of publicity. Viktor credits the win of the case to the base evidence, but is proud of his closing remarks that were reprinted in many different publications.

Jordan v Jordan – one of Viktor’s only murder trails, Jordan v Jordan was a case of domestic violence gone awry. “There’s nothing like a family squabble,” Viktor told the press at the time of the case, “to make people think they’re better off than their neighbors.” Later, when his comment was called prescient, he maintained that he wasn’t entirely certain that the neighbor had been involved in the murder for hire.