Today’s news is full of information about how much money states are making through the legalization of marijuana.

In my option, there’s nothing wrong with people choosing to imbibe whatever recreational drug they choose, but the state’s involvement in taxation of pot sales calls into question the demands of the state to prosecute those who carry, sell or imbibe too much marijuana. There’s not too much logic in many of the laws that currently concern the sale and use of pot.

At the federal level, the drug is still not acceptable. It’s outlawed. However, at the state level, there’s now a collection of states that allow people to own pot.

Generally, the state laws that allow people to own pot for their own use do not allow them to buy it, sell it, or grow it, outside of specific medical situations.

medical potThe medical exceptions are the most prevalent loophole used in states that allow medical marijuana, but even in states where that’s not required, the inability to sell, buy or grow weed makes it impossible to own it – which is totally legal.

It’s not as though laws in the United States have been consistent or logical throughout the country’s history. But there is a certain level of modern information exchange, education and public discourse that should allow for a greater consideration of the impacts and logic of the law before it’s passed, especially when it’s passed by referendum.

The opportunity for the community to talk through the law before it gets to a vote is one of the greatest gifts this country offers, and giving up that chance is a travesty in my opinion.