viktorViktor Gernot is the one of the best lawyer in New York City, according to multiple publications, and he truly enjoys his work helping people. In Viktor’s work as a criminal defense attorney, he’s supported people from all walks of life. People ask Viktor why he continues to support people who are in trouble because of their own actions, decisions or abilities. Viktor smiles, and tells his critics that his ability to understand where people are coming from sets him apart from his peers.

Viktor Gernot grew up in Brooklyn with his parents until his father passed away when Viktor was twelve. The family’s breadwinner gone, Viktor’s mother and his seven brothers and sisters all went to work to try to save the family’s brownstone.

Pawning some furnishings and the family’s radio one day at the age of fourteen, Viktor was frustrated to understand clearly for the first time how bad their situation was. The brothers and sisters united, gathering money as they could. Collecting recyclable bottles, selling sketches, and babysitting, they were able to generate the money to keep their brownstone for one month.

In that month, Viktor harnessed the family and became a leader for the first time. He walked his sisters to school one day and stood in front of the building, certain that he would never return. And he was right. His days of formal schooling were gone for a long time, as Viktor went to work.

He petitioned his father’s old partner for a job as a courier, and for the next ten years, made sure his family was fed before he turned again to school to become an attorney.